Cicada, Ladybug


When their grandfather goes missing, teenaged Santiago and seven-year-old Izzy fear being separated. To raise his little brother, Santiago sacrifices a scholarship to Duke and often outwits ICE, but when Izzy fights a classmate, Santiago struggles to teach him that real men avoid violence — without revealing that in order to provide for him, he’s joined MS-13, America’s most dangerous gang.


“The incredible juxtaposition of heartfelt tenderness and intense action gives it the depth, passion and sincerity of Hemingway and Kerouac combined. Loved the entire read.” 

—Emma on Amazon

“The writing is both fast-paced and acute, giving us frightening action while still diving into the emotional details. The author uses creative and unexpectedly on-point metaphors to describe what the characters are doing. It’s a fun and quick read that will have you curious, in suspense, and a little horrified (in a good way). Definitely recommend.” 

—Pete on Amazon



The Green Light (excerpt)

Cockfights, Gangs & Hip-Hop Music (interview)

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